Oro Beach - Natural, lonely and silent place:

Our bungalows (Beach Houses) are built in a natural, unspoiled coastline area. We’re living in and with the nature. Please help to keep this - our nature clean.

All the walkways and trails in our spot and down to the beach are natural leaved and partly fixed. Please take care and be concentrated while walking around. If you need help, please tell our staff.

If you get some unwanted visitors (small animals) in your room, please inform us immediately that we can remove them.

Fresh water we have to buy, delivered by tank trucks, please help us to save our precious water.

Please be aware that we are not yet connected to public current, so our Gen-Set runs from 5 pm to 9 am, to help saving the environment.

The phone network here is a little bit low, only Edge (GPRS), but not 3G is available, so we don’t have WiFi yet.


Feel like home:

Our rooms are clean and the bathrooms in European standard, except warm water, but if you need to shower with warm water, please tell us, we will provide a hot water bucket to your room, please mix this up with cold water for the right temperature you need. So as you do at home, we change the towels not oftener than after 2 days or according your need.


Food & Beverage:
We provide seasonal, fresh and healthy food, which means we prepare what we get fresh from the sea, the market or from our garden. Our prices for main menu’s are related to the market situation and to your order, between 
IDR 50.000,- and IDR 100.000,- for lunch or dinner.

Snacks are available between  IDR 25.000,- and IDR 45.000,-, drinks see on our black board .

Breakfast is included in the room charge and available from 7 to 10 am.
Lunch we prepare from 12 to 2 pm, dinner from 7 to 9 pm.

Drinks can be ordered anytime during 7 am to 9 pm.



The Oro Beach is a lonely white sandy beach, located in a small bay. During lower and low tide you can walk around 3 km along the Oro beach. It is safety for swimming and snorkeling till around 100 m from the coastline, better to be used at higher and high tide. The tide is around 1,50 to 2 m.



Our place is located on the North coast of Southwest Sumba, between Waikelo and Manangaaba, around 15 km far from Tambolaka Airport (tmc) and town, to Waitabula 17 km, to Waikabubak 45 km, to Waingapu 175 km.


Car & driver:

We arrange daily tours with driver and guide (if needed). For daily tours (around 8 hrs), the charge is between 650.000,- (without) and 850.000,- IDR (with guide). Please contact the following tour guides:

- Jhon L. Dangga (Waitabula)

  mobile: +62 813 3747 9988  


- Hugo Dalupe (Waitabula)

  mobile: +62 813 9265 5696


- come2indonesia (Denpasar)

  mobile: +62 813 4174 6311 


For orientation on Sumba, please find all needed informations at www.sumba-information.com (see the link next page)

To arrange tours and discuss sightseeing ideas, please contact our management after arrival.